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Associate Fraud Analyst- (01 Positions)

Omaha, Nebraska

Job Description:

  • Primarily responsible for monitoring and analysis of payment card transactions and investigate account activity for potential fraud and other tasks assigned by the management
  • Understand use of application interfaces and transaction logs to review transaction data to identify suspicious activities and detect fraud
  • Upon detection of suspicious/fraudulent activity, take measures to control, mitigate and prevent further risks
  • Report and log suspicious/fraudulent activities with detailed notes and comments
  • Regularly report fraudulent activity on MasterCard, VISA systems such as SAFE and VROL etc
  • Work with clients, program managers, CAM, CIG during client on-boarding to review program setup with respect to fraud control
  • Assist Project Manager in review and monitoring of OTRS tickets, Deployment forms, adherence for laid down processes
  • Work closely with relevant groups and timely report and alert concerned units, clients, banks, program managers and other stakeholders for effective response to payment fraud and associated risks
  • Suggest enhancements and improvements to fraud management system and fraud rules engine, based on fraud patterns identified through transaction analysis and overall trends and statistics reported in the payment industry
  • Analyze card program transactions to identify emerging patterns associated to specific card programs or account types and devise or facilitate in devising an effective strategy to secure the program and cardholder accounts
  • Coordinate with program managers to set appropriate program parameters necessary for fraud prevention and control
  • Provide prompt and effective customer service and technical support to clients concerning fraud management services
  • Prepare and distribute monthly fraud reports to clients and hold periodic meetings to discuss fraud summary, trends, root-cause and preventive measures for future
  • Ensure 100% compliance to internal and external SOPs, standards and regulatory requirements
  • Continuously work to improve fraud management processes and best practices

We are looking for:

  • BBIT/College degree/CS
  • Fresh to 01 year


  • Experience in risk/compliance/info sec will be preferred
  • MS Office, Good if candidate has basic concepts of few languages (SQL, MySql)

Job Location:

  • Omaha, Nebraska
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